Self-Guided bike & ebike tours

Ride north along Vltava River, through an amazing Prague parks, local villages, and to Unetice brewery!

You will cycle along the famous Dresden-Prague bike path, beautiful Stromovka park, Troja Chateau, and Holesovice neighborhood, and making a loop you will easily return to the city center. With this well-planned self-guided tour you will get a sense of local nature & culture!


A day trip outside of Prague to Karlstejn Castle and through the beautiful Czech countryside!

Our Karlstejn Castle Self-Guided Bike Tour rolls you southwest of Prague along the Vltava and Berounka Rivers and through the Czech countryside to the gothic fortress built by King Karel IV to house the imperial jewels and his collection of holy relics. Karlstejn Castle, with its enchanting, monumental architecture is one of the most-visited castles in the country. 

Ride along the Vltava River, through beautiful city parks to Troja Chateau & Stromovka park
For a different kind of experience, take pleasant ride to Troja Chateau & catch cool breeze as you ride along the river & through parks. Fallow a nice bike path from the center of Prague to the first Baroque Summer Palace in Prague. You will visit the best of Prague's parks Stromovka and Letna, where you can stop for a cold drink!  

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